Don’t Miss Jiu Jitsu Class

Trust me.  Just don't do it.  Just don't miss class, if you can help it. Why? We all know how life gets in the way, but try not to create reasons.  Just like how it takes years of maturity to differentiate between wants and needs [at least for me] .  It takes a long time to differentiate between a reason to miss class and an excuse to not make it to class. I slip up all the time.  Here are some excuses for missing class. I'm tired. I'm sore. I don't fee like it. Those three r...

Jiu-Jitsu VS The World

Eat Films
Eat Films is coming out with a Jiu-Jitsu documentary Jiu-Jistu Vs. The World. Their previous Jiu-Jitsu documentary Roll: Jiu-Jitsu in SoCal was a really quality documentary.  There only seem to be a few players in the BJJ documentary space that stand out and Roll really stands out.  From what I understand he the film together during a week stay in the states, from the quality of the film that seems like quite an accomplishment. I can't wait until the film is done and ready for digital down...

Shouting in an Empty Room

Empty Room
Is the feeling I have updating a blog that is read by no one but me. I kind of like it though.  There's a lot of room in here to say what the fuck I like.  See yea I did it. Unlike an empty room, the words here don't go away, so I can't really say what I want or how I feel.  As nice as it would be to be fully free with all my opinions I know that I can't be. There's a little things like a Full Time Job that happens to be the only way I have to feed my family that prevent me from giving ...

The Thirst to compete

The urge to compete.
I've wanted to compete for a little while now. I keep making up excuses as to why I wouldn't compete.  Not enough time, not wanting to be injured  . . .  and blah blah blah. Basically it all boils down to fear.  Fear I must confront. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is part of the training process and competing is just one step. When, will I step up to the challenge.   This is a first quarter 2016 goal right now.  First step is to say it right. I'm going to compete.  The...

Martial Arts Rethought

American Kenpo Karate
Here it is.  Training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has shaken my belief in my original art American Kenpo Karate. Ok, there you have it.  I've said it. Long, long time ago in a city far, far away in 2000 I received my black belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo in Towson MD from Professor Jim Fredrick.  I just knew in my mind that I was learning the most effective form of self defense that there was. I felt confident that I could defend myself against someone trying to do me harm. Or did I?  ...