Quitting Smoking

Yes, yes, it does sound crazy. How is this guy who talks about his journey into getting into the best shape he can, be smoking. We all have challenges.   My personal challenge is smoking.  I've been a casual smoker for years.  You know the type, never buying packs of cigarettes always bumming one.  Now I realize there is no such thing as a casual smoker.  There are just smokers and non smokers.  I found that I couldn't just stop the way I thought I could. Now I'm 5 days into the not smo...

Gymnastic Bodies with Coach Christopher Sommers

Gymnastic Bodies
 Gymnasticbodies is a gymnastics strength training program developed by Coach Christopher Sommers.  I was exposed to it by listening to the Time Ferris Podcast, The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength. While I'm always interested in new exercise modalities, this system just seemed different.  Coach Sommers take on working out and strength training centered on rebuilding mobility and joint function, then adding the strength element.  He explains, muscular strength doesn't take long to build, but li...

Back on the Mat

I've healed enough to get back into Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. It feels good.  Only drilling for now.  Rolling will start next week.  I just wanted to make sure everything still worked the way it used to before I had instruments and cameras and scissors and stuff opening me up and poking around. In three month's things do change, but a lot more stay the same.  The warm-up did have me a little gassed, I used to be able to smoke it so, it might take a few classes to get fully back into the game. ...

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

Primal Blueprint
This is the first diet I actually enjoy. Its a shame to even call it a diet. The Primal Diet is an eating paradigm.   Its easier to describe it as I know it. Lets start with what you can't eat. No Bread No Beans No Sugar No Processed Food Now with what you can eat. Meat ( Antibiotic free or free range ) Vegetables Nuts Fruit Its really as simple as that. As of today I've lost 15 lbs eating like this.  Trust me, it has not been my intention to lose weight, my inten...

Feeling and Getting older

Start where you are, Use What  you have. Do what you can. Its difficult to "Shineharder" when it feels like your body is falling apart. Turning 41 is a watershed moment for my body.  I feel like I'm falling apart. This year is the first time I have to sit and "heal". This was initially going to be a post about my workout schedule and the plan I was going to stick and blah blah blah.  But like that initial post things have changed, its become a post about my deteriorating body and how...