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Daily Yoga Practice

Over the past month I’ve started a daily yoga practice at home.

It would be nice to go to a class . . . but alas time does not permit.

Lately I’ve been following Kino Macgregor who apparently seems to be the spokesperson for Ashtanga Yoga in the United States.

While I’ve been playing with online yoga for over a year now doing random flows from some of my favorite YouTube yogis.

Lately I’ve been yearning a real practice, so I downloaded one of Kino’s early primary series tapes.  I’ve been doing as much as I can every day working toward finishing the whole 90 minute routine.

Nic Gregoriades a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt said something that really blew me away.

Yoga is a martial art you practice against yourself.

That is really when it clicked that I needed to cultivate a practice.  This would be the only way I can reap the full rewards.

Body Image

Anyone can look like this, right?

Anyone can look like this, right?

What a 40 year old man with body image issues, how could that be?

I guess its very much possible, with the exercise industrial complex assaulting me every day.

At 40 it was time to take exercise and health in general seriously.  It started with the scale, I would ( and still do ) weigh myself every morning.

Experience has now shown me that a number on the scale is not the only determination of progress.  At this point I’ve hit my goal 190lbs.  When I started I weighed in at 205 consistently, now I fluctuate between 189 and 193 depending on what I’ve eaten the day before.

At 40+ I realize that I’m not going to look like the Men’s Health cover model, I’m just happy to be as mobile as I can and stay below 200 lbs.  This will allow me to compete.

My current goals don’t involve weight they involve being able to finally do a handstand.


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