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20 Minutes a day

After healthy doses Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris, I’ve boiled one tenet of this blog.

20 minutes a day.  This is how long I’m going to give to the craft of writing a day,  minimum.    This is not all I’m going to give, but that is a workable minimum.  Out of 24 hours, 20 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to dedicate to, sharpening my written communication skills.

What will that 20 minutes consist of?

  • Writing a post.
  • Editing a post.
  • Publishing a post.

Do-the-work“Do the Work!!”, is what I hear repeatedly when I listen to highly effective people.  Doing the work  as in dedicating the time to your craft.   Real writers and masters of communication treat it like a job, no more like an obsession.

I’m excellent at “The Beginning”, I can start something easily and with full gusto, but its in “The Finishing” that I have a problem with.  Projects aren’t taken to their completion, or I’m essentially scared of the success they will bring or the hard work they will entail.  I have so many beginnings, I’m not going to bore you with them.

Therefore 20 minutes a day will be my “Work”, is the venue and this empty room called the internet is my audience.  [ O’my that is cliche].

Subject is not a concern, therefore I’m partially sacrificing audience (maybe).  It will reflect whatever I’m into at the time.    Right now its dealing with my Inguinal Hernia, rehabbing and getting back on the mat ASAP,  . . .that is a whole post in of itself.

I’ve been having fun with this so far, I’ll see how far this takes me.

One more makes 41

Battle Pack CoreIts another year in the game.  41 years on this planet.  I guess that is some type of accomplishment.  There are worst things.

I’ve learned that we are all just winging it no matter what age we get to. Everyone who seems to have it together is really just trying just like you.

I can’t take myself too seriously because I don’t have all the answers.  I do know what a lot of the answers aren’t if you get what I mean.

On the low I’ve been celebrating my birthday for the whole week, starting with a “By-myself” dinner at Houston’s on Saturday.  Followed up with a little bit of training on Monday, with the mega splurge of the . . . . .

  • Datsura Battle Pack Pro  made of hemp.

Its the simple things.

Real talk I’m just happy to be able to Drive, train and work.  Everything else is just gravy.

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