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Feeling and Getting older

Start where you are,
Use What  you have.
Do what you can.

Its difficult to “Shineharder” when it feels like your body is falling apart.

Turning 41 is a watershed moment for my body.  I feel like I’m falling apart.

This year is the first time I have to sit and “heal”.

This was initially going to be a post about my workout schedule and the plan I was going to stick and blah blah blah.  But like that initial post things have changed, its become a post about my deteriorating body and how I plan to cope with that.

I’m at a point where age and injury might slow me down but I refuse to let them stop me.   Not letting injury stop you has been one of my tenants throughout my life.

If you can’t run, walk, If you can’t walk stand.

After recovering from hernia surgery,   I’m healed the hernia has been  repaired, but I still feel a little different.  I know one thing for sure I’m not getting surgery again unless I get shot.  Real Talk.

This week I came down with Bursitis in my right hip.  While its a self diagnosis, I’m quite sure I have atypical sympons.  This is one of the first times that looking  Web Md has not scared the life out of me.

Even with all of this, I’m determined to train, I am determined to expand my physical horizons.

I will always do what I can.

That Yoga stuff, Downward Dog is a Killer

slim-arms-downward-dog-400x400Well that yoga stuff didn’t last that long.  Its been about a month since my yoga post and I should be celebrating some type of milestone.

Well to my chagrin, my powers of consistency have failed me once again.  Today is my first day on the  yoga mat in god knows how long.

It doesn’t help that I have elbow issues that make staying in downward dog for 5 breathes really hard.  I bet, if I would of been consistent I could of overcome that by now, but now isn’t the time for self immolation.   Its time for the future.

It is time to master the Downward Dog.  This is hard to do with only a home practice.  A yoga teacher is invaluable.  Looking at the mirror to check form is not a genuine solution for me.  The idea of filming my sessions is becoming more of a reality, there really isn’t a way for me to see whats going on.

My wife and I are both fans of Yoga with Adriene’s Blog and Youtube channel. Her explanation of Downward Facing Dog is great.  She doesn’t just jump into the position, she eases into it with a transition from Table Pose to Dolphin Pose then transitions into a peddling version of downward dog.

It feels good when she acknowledges that struggling with difficult poses do discourage a  yoga practice, especially if downward dog is difficult for you., since its such a foundation transitional pose.  I’m posting her tutorial here for your viewing pleasure, but please check her Yoga with Adriene.


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