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Month: June 2016

Quitting Smoking

SunshineSmokingIllustrationYes, yes, it does sound crazy.

How is this guy who talks about his journey into getting into the best shape he can, be smoking.

We all have challenges.   My personal challenge is smoking.  I’ve been a casual smoker for years.  You know the type, never buying packs of cigarettes always bumming one.  Now I realize there is no such thing as a casual smoker.  There are just smokers and non smokers.  I found that I couldn’t just stop the way I thought I could.

Now I’m 5 days into the not smoking game.

That was 4 months ago.  My oh my how time flies.  The great thing about life is new days bring new opportunities.

Stop SmokingTrust this is not the first time that I stopped.  I stopped between June 2014 to June 2015, one whole year.  A year of no cigarettes was a year ago.  Now its time to let them go for good.

Pursuing  a healthy lifestyle while smoking cigarettes is a contradiction, like living a lie.  So many goals are being held back by stressing my body with not just cigarettes but the lung busters themselves, “Newports”.

Living in the now today is my choice,   “Stop Smoking”.

Gymnastic Bodies with Coach Christopher Sommers

[embedyt][/embedyt]  Gymnasticbodies is a gymnastics strength training program developed by Coach Christopher Sommers.  I was exposed to it by listening to the Time Ferris Podcast, The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength.

While I’m always interested in new exercise modalities, this system just seemed different.  Coach Sommers take on working out and strength training centered on rebuilding mobility and joint function, then adding the strength element.  He explains, muscular strength doesn’t take long to build, but ligament and tendon strength take years to build.  There’s no way to get around it.

What really convinced me to put down the money for was Coach Sommers attitude, slow, methodical and consistant.  He doesn’t promise quick results, he ensures that it will be hard and slow, he does promise progress though.

At this point in my life ( 41 years young ), injury prevention is paramount.  Attempting to program my own workouts has only led me to frustration and injury.   There are a wide breath of exercises and progressions.  The workouts are laid out in a logical manner designed to help you progress toward your goal.    The exercises are grouped as a progression towards a specific movement.


This is the Manna for instance.  The exercises grouped within this program will train your joints, tendons and little used muscles in preparation for this movement.  This is part of the foundations series, which includes:

  • Front Lever
  • Straddle Planche
  • Side Lever
  • Manna
  • Single Leg Squat
  • Hollow Back Press

While he doesn’t guarantee being able to do these movements.  He does guarantee progress.  Which is all I really want.

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