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Still Quitting Smoking

SunshineSmokingIllustrationI’ve been quitting smoking for years.  I’ll stop then start then stop then start then just keep smoking.  The silly part of it is I love to work out.

Last year I quit for a full year, then in a few moments of weakness the habit caught back up to me.

Even when I smoke I don’t admit defeat.  With every cigarette, I think about quitting.

Now I’m 28 Days in the Non-Smoking game, again.

My wife smokes Newports.  I still look at her cigarette butts with a slight degree of desire.  I wonder when that desire to smoke will go away.

Yumm, but I know it will make my head swim and feel a little shitty, yet still give me some weird sort of relief.  I don’t even know if I have come to grips with never smoking a cigarette again, I hope I have.

This is the part where you just admit it’s an addiction.  A Heroine addict needs heroine, but he both  loves and hates it.  Is the spice of and demise of life.  The only thing that I’m assured of is that I didn’t smoke any cigarettes yesterday and I’m determined not to have one today.

Make Haste Slowly

make_haste_slowly_2_inch_round_magnetAn ancient term used by the Roman Emporer Augustus who disliked rashness in a military commander, he would tell them “Hasten Slowly”.  The quickest way to accomplish something is to proceed deliberately.

Another adage “That which has been done well has been done quickly enough.”

This is a lesson I have to constantly relearn in many aspects of my life.   As I look back there are many times I should of gone at a slower pace.

As I write and rewrite this post new application of Make Haste, Slowly pop into my head.

Make haste slowly with:

  • Exercise  or  you will injure yourself.
  • Projects or you will burn  yourself out.
  • Relationships, emotional situations cannot be rushed.
  • Software Development, I’ve found planning before you jump in will save both time and money.


I have been a victim to all of these dilemmas at one point or another.  Its only taken 41 years for me to learn this valuable lesson.

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