The ArmAid is a tool my Trainer told me about to combat my “Angry Elbow”.

I’ve been trying to rehab this elbow for at least 4 years now.

My first doctor just told me “You have arthritis in this elbow, its going to get worst  then your going to get cortisone. “,

um Unacceptable.  There is a reason a doctors office is called a practice, because its practice. Although arthritis is a valid ailment, it feels like its “Inflammation we can’t explain”   so they call it arthritis.

The ArmAid has helped massage and rehab my elbow.  I always seem to have some type of injury, so its necessary to always have the proper tools.  Its really hard to foam roll the elbow tricep area.  It takes time to really get in there.  The ArmAid gets that done.