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Back on the Mat

I’ve healed enough to get back into Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.

It feels good.  Only drilling for now.  Rolling will start next week.  I just wanted to make sure everything still worked the way it used to before I had instruments and cameras and scissors and stuff opening me up and poking around.

In three month’s things do change, but a lot more stay the same.  The warm-up did have me a little gassed, I used to be able to smoke it so, it might take a few classes to get fully back into the game.

Its good to see the school grow.  There are a lot of new faces,  and most of the old ones too.  People come and go in martial arts schools thats just the nature of the game.  It takes a lot of effort and consistency to do any advancement in jiu jitsu, thats one of the things that make it special.

Coming back from Hernia surgery or any type of medical scare must feel even more special, I could of chilled on my hernia.  Friends shared they experiences with hernias where they went untreated for years because of fear.  A fear of not being able to practice at my full potential ( all 41 injured years of me ) scared me into getting surgery.

The Human body is Amazing

recovery-sign114 Days ago, on Friday January 29th,I had an inguinal hernia repair surgery. While I’m not back on the mat.  I’ve started doing basic warm-ups.  This is amazing considering how out of it I was.  I’m still a little sore though but I’m finding the movements that assists in my healing.

There is no such thing as a routine surgery.  The threat of death and dismemberment is real now.  Being through surgery reminds me of my fragility and increases my respect for doctors and nurses.

Dude, you are at t your most vulnerable on that operating table completely asleep.  For someone with control issues this is a big deal.  My nurses and doctor were so helpful, they made the experience tolerable.  Its scary to think of going through any type of similar situation in an unfamiliar place, like overseas.

This surgery is major.

My goal after for recovery and beyond is to work on core strength.  Stick to the basics.  3 days of training mixed with a 2 day a week strength routine.

This Minimal routine from T-Nation is what I’m looking for, but to do at home.

  • Day One
    • Deadlift
    • Bench Press
  • Day Two
    • Back squat
    • Bench press

Being and old man, the weights will vary.  I have a 45 lb bar with about 140lbs of weights.  What can’t be done with weight will be replaced with reps.  It can’t hurt going from 0 strenthg workouts to 2 with reps will do something.

With a kettle-bell conditioning routine by Joey Alvarado once every other week.   I’ve been procrastinating on going to his Kettlejistu conditioning class, surgery is my wake up call to take my training to the next level.  I’ve been training in some way shape or form all my life its finally time to make a life of it.

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