Lets take this slow, I’m Miguel a general computer nerd.

Welcome to my little piece of the internet please make yourself at home.

I’ve been blogging on and off for close to 10 years.  There have been many iterations of my blog

  • techwhore.com
  • buildandmaintain.com
  • gangstarock.com
  • afroprepperpasadena.com

Finally you have reached the final version Shineharder.  Ok, Ok don’t all of you stand up and once and cheer.  [ crickets ]

This is a vanity project just a place where i write about me.  I have dreams of monetizing this too bring some type of return for all this effort, until then  . . . .

I’m a 40+ ( 41 now but, I don’t want to have to update this page EVERY year ] family man, with a wife and daughter.

I only have a few interests to write about.

Computer and gadgets:
Software Engineering are how I make my living.  I currently manage security infrastructure appliances such as Internet Proxies, Firewalls and Name-servers.

Health and Fitness:
For a skinny guy with no muscle tone, I sure do exercise a lot.  Now that I’m in my forties, its time to pay laser like attention to my health and fitness.  My family has greatly refined our diet over the past year, something we will continue to do.  But its a struggle.

I’m what most would consider heavily tattooed.  Before a wife and child I got tattooed quite often.  To be honest I love the tattoo community but  . . . .  If your not an artist or a business man you better have a lot of money to get the work that you want.

Martial Arts:
I got my First Degree Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate in 2000, which I practiced actively till 2008.  Other then a short stint at a Kyokushin Dojo, I didnt’ do any martial arts until 2014 when I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   Brazilian Jiu Jitsu changed the way I look at the martial arts  an combat completely.  While I thought I would be cross training after the fist month I realized that I was going all in with Jiu Jitsu.   Trust I’ll speak on that later.

That’s it for now.