SunshineSmokingIllustrationI’ve been quitting smoking for years.  I’ll stop then start then stop then start then just keep smoking.  The silly part of it is I love to work out.

Last year I quit for a full year, then in a few moments of weakness the habit caught back up to me.

Even when I smoke I don’t admit defeat.  With every cigarette, I think about quitting.

Now I’m 28 Days in the Non-Smoking game, again.

My wife smokes Newports.  I still look at her cigarette butts with a slight degree of desire.  I wonder when that desire to smoke will go away.

Yumm, but I know it will make my head swim and feel a little shitty, yet still give me some weird sort of relief.  I don’t even know if I have come to grips with never smoking a cigarette again, I hope I have.

This is the part where you just admit it’s an addiction.  A Heroine addict needs heroine, but he both  loves and hates it.  Is the spice of and demise of life.  The only thing that I’m assured of is that I didn’t smoke any cigarettes yesterday and I’m determined not to have one today.