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Workout Every Day

Do something every day, is essentially my goal.  While working out hard every day is not humanly possible,  my goal is to exercise and workout part of my body daily.

Using the Gymnastics Bodies coursework has helped me create a viable daily workout regime.  I still have to “Listen to my Body”.  On those days I do rest and go light.  A rest day can only include a walk around the block during lunch, but I have to do something.

My actual workout schedule is a little more vigorous than walking down the block.  My current regime is all body weight, and programmed through  Each days workout is only about 40 minutes, with each exercise coupled

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Morning 
GB Front Lever PE 2
GB Straddle Planche PE2
GB Hollow Body Press PE2
GB Rope Climb  PE1
Monday/Wednesday/Friday  Afternoon
11:30 BJJ

Tuesday/Thursday Morning
GB Side Lever PE2
GB Manna PE2
GB Single Leg Squat PE1
Handstand Training

Front Split Series Stretches

Middle Split Stretch Series
Thoracic Bridge Split Series.

It looks like a lot, but I’ve been feeling good most of the time.  Except when I totally mess up my knee doing torso rotations. uh.

I guess my next post will be

“When to know its time to rest”

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Podcasts

ApplePodcastingLogoBeing off the mat with an injury is the pits.  Its crazy how much time jiu-jitsu took up in my life.  Now there are hours of free time.  I still do some PT (Physical Training) that i can do but, its not nearly as intense as a Jiu-Jitsu workout.

There seem to be a lot of high quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu podcasts coming out right now.  Check out a few of my favorites.

BJJBrick Podcast Is a consistent podcast with an established and well organized format.  Hosted by Gary and Brian who do weekly interviews also mixed with a quote segment, Article of the week and some humor.  Their guests not only include elite competitors but a varied mix of guests.  Their structured format makes the podcast feel like a weekly Jiu-Jitsu variety show not just a vehicle for interviews.  The interactions between Gary and Brian are amusing.  Gary seems to be in his 50’s or early 60’s, listening to him gives a good perspective for some of us older grapplers in the game.

The Grappling Central Podcast is hosted by Ryan Ford a Bjj purple belt  who trains under Renzo Gracie black belt and UFC veteran Paul Creighton.   Ryan gets top notch guests on his show, he puts in the time to find and get the hottest most up and coming BJJ people on the scene.

Grapplearts Radio Hosted by the prolific Bjj Black Belt Steven Kesting himself.   Like all of Stevens work the Grapplearts Radio Podcast is a quality product, with great audio quality and interesting guests.  I only wish that he would produce more than once a month, hey but you can’t rush excellence, right.

Whats your favorite Brazillion Jiu-Jitsu Podcast, I need more to listen to?

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