Just drilling for me today.

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Today was my first day back at training in BJJ in 3 months.  I’ve been shying away from training because of my pinched nerve.

I learned a big lesson today.

Talk about IT.  Whatever IT is, don’t be afraid to tell others.  There are others going through the same thing.

So, that’s just what I did.  I pulled my professor to the side and told him exactly what was happening with my pinched nerve.  He looked at me asked me if I liked to train, I said yes then proceeded to give me tips on how to stay safe, with a pinched nerve.

  • Watch out for Triangles. Putting them on people and trying to fight through them.
  • Play Sit up Guard, avoid spider and inverted guard at all costs.  Those guards put way too much pressure on the neck.
  • Pre-Tap to submissions, If its in place there is no need to fight it.
  • Make sure your training partners know that your on light duty.
  • Have fun.

Once I began to share with others in the locker room about my symptoms my teammates started to share also.

Its easy to have pain and discomfort to isolate you and stop your activity.  The truth is even if it hurts you have to keep moving.  Sitting still makes it worst.  Its imperative to move forward and do your Brazillian Jiu Jistu for your ability and listen to your body and not your ego.