Fitness tools

When I’m on point the appointed wake up time is 4:30 am.  Everyone in the house is asleep and doesn’t need to get up for at least an hour and a half.  Its a wonderful time of the day, it feels like the whole rest of the neighborhood is asleep.  I try to get up every day, but in reality at least  4 out of 7 days.

Its more than a morning workout, its my meditation time.  A little piece of the day that is only for me.

My workout changes from day to day, it depends on how I feel and what is on that days agenda.  I tend to go a little lighter on non Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu days.

If time permits ( which is never ), I could meander around my garage doing exercises for hours, but the 1 hour that time permits only allows me to work on.

I only get to to a subset of this list.  Foam Rolling, Mobility, Jump Rope and Burpees have to get done every day.  The rest not depends on time.

Really, ,y greatest challenge is just getting on to the mat in the morning.  My foil has been my propensity to look at my phone when i get up.  Jesus its such a time waster.    Once I open Instagram or face book in the morning I swear 20 minutes is wasted.

Getting after it in the morning sets my agenda for the whole day.  It makes a big difference.