I have a pinched nerve.  To be specific a Cervical radiculopathy being affected by the C6 and C7 vertebra.

You don’t realize how scary and debilitation it is until it happens to you.  I’ve never felt anything like this numbness down my arm, except for the occasional time my hand would fall asleep.

This has slowed down my BJJ and body-weight  training considerably.  Rather than training, I’ve been focusing on healing.  Although I still go in once a week to drill, I’ve stopped sparring which doesn’t seem to aggravate things.

Was this something that I did to myself?  Was this a culmination over time of bad body mechanics?  Did my chiropractor mess me up with an “adjustment”?  Everything is in question at this point.

It just all started so innocently, the first week of September 2016,  my finger felt kind of funny.  Then my finger and thumb felt funny, my doctor thought it was carpal tunnel, but the symptoms just seemed to progress until, my neck started to hurt with shooting numbness down my arm.  All within 3  weeks.

I’m still working with my doctor to find out how we are going to tackle dealing with a pinched nerve.  The symptoms are classic C6, C7  vertebra issues.  A  numbness down the arm terminating my thumb and pointer finger

My worst nightmare is the other arm starting to feel numbness.  Thank god there is no real pain, just pins and needles up and down the arm.

I’ve stopped going to my Chiropractor.  My Acupuncturist has provided temporary relief.  I’ve even doubled down on a paleo diet to try to reduce inflammation throughout my body.   Everything has only brought marginal results.

Don’t you just love this thing called life.